meditations that have it all: pep talks, Mantras, and Affirmations. Feel better today.

Protection Mantra

The Protection Mantra creates an armor or shield of light that defends all sides of you.

The Recovering Codependent Meditation – Mother Edition

Being a mother is hard. Rewarding, magical and beautiful…..yes, but also hard. It is even harder for those who grew up in codependent homes. Tantrums are particularly triggering. The desire to control is strong. And the pull to lose oneself in another is a daily temptation.

In this Meditation we will work on all of this. We start with a brief pep talk, move on to affirmations and a guided visualization and end with a wonderful Mantra.

For when the world has beat you down Meditation

This is a guided meditation followed by an English Kundalini mantra to help you remember who you are. You will regain your sense of self and find your footing after the world has beaten you down.

All that is needed is remembrance.

We will find you again.

And bring her back to all her glory.